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What are fires doing to the price of my Home Insurance?

Wildfires were one of the reasons that we set up Wenatchee Insurance. Folks West of Sunnyslope and up to Lake Wenatchee have been requesting quotes because their old company has been asking for significant increases. Well, this is what is going on with the underwriters.

In areas where there is a high risk of wildfires or other fire-related hazards, insurance companies may take certain measures to manage their exposure and minimize potential losses. While practices can vary among insurance providers and regions, here are some common actions that insurance companies may take:

  1. Moratoriums: Insurance companies may implement temporary moratoriums on issuing new policies or making policy changes during periods of high fire danger. This is done to prevent individuals from obtaining coverage when a fire is imminent or already occurring. During large fires, we have seen multiple zip codes blocked by some companies.
  2. Non-Renewals: Insurance companies may choose not to renew policies for homeowners located in areas with a high risk of fire. If the risk of fire in a specific region is deemed too high, an insurance company may decide to discontinue coverage for existing policyholders when their policies expire.
  3. Increased Premiums: In high-risk areas, insurance companies may charge higher premiums to reflect the increased risk of fire. These higher premiums are intended to offset the potential cost of claims in fire-prone regions.
  4. Risk Assessments: Insurance companies may conduct thorough assessments of individual properties in high-risk areas. They may consider factors such as proximity to trees or brush, the availability of fire protection systems, and other risk mitigation measures. Insurance companies may choose to offer coverage, limit coverage, increase price, or decline coverage altogether.

It’s important to note that these actions are typically taken by insurance companies to manage risk and maintain their financial stability. If you live in an area prone to fires, it’s advisable to have a conversation with your agent to understand the conditions. It is why we shop multiple companies for our clients to find a good rate.

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When are Health and Medicare Enrollment Periods?

For over a decade, there have been Enrollment periods for Health Insurance. It doesn’t matter if it is a group plan or an individual plan. The following is for Individual plans.


Medicare Annual Enrollment Period starts October 15th 2024 and ends December 7th 2024.

Health Insurance Open Enrollment ( WA State) starts November 1st 2024 and ends January 15th 2025.

It is not a problem to set appointments or reminders early. Select one using our Calendar and it will even send you a reminder text and email.

Why do Enrollment Periods exist:

Enrollment periods for health insurance exist for a few reasons:

Planning: Insurance companies need to plan and budget for the coverage they provide. Enrollment periods help them estimate how many people they will need to cover, so they can allocate resources properly.

Fairness: Enrollment periods prevent people from signing up for insurance only when they need medical care. This helps ensure a balance in the risk pool and prevents costs from skyrocketing. We have requests throughout the year that are forced to wait until the following year because they delayed enrollment or let their coverage lapse.

Essential Oils make you feel better

Stability: Insurance markets need a stable pool of enrollees to spread the costs. Enrollment periods help avoid sudden changes in the insured population, which could lead to financial problems for insurers and higher premiums for everyone.

Responsibility: Enrollment periods encourage individuals to take responsibility for their insurance coverage. It ensures that people actively engage in the process and make informed decisions about their healthcare choices.

Efficiency: Enrollment periods streamline administrative processes for insurance companies and healthcare providers. They make it easier to handle applications, verify eligibility, and manage enrollment-related tasks. The Wenatchee Enrollment Center runs seven days a week to accommodate local needs.

Additional insurance info:

Remember that enrollment periods can vary depending on the type of insurance and certain life events may qualify for special enrollment periods outside of the standard ones. If you don’t have insurance, then we want to run the application to catch if you qualify for a special enrollment.

Programs such as Apple Health and Native American Health have year-round enrollments.

Medicare has it’s own rules three months before you turn 65 and three months after. This blog goes into the details as we have a lot of people scheduling early to talk with Suzie.

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Where can I get a car insurance quote?

People are shopping their car insurance in large numbers.

Wenatchee Insurance Agency offers several advantages for quoting car insurance. These advantages include:

  1. Choice and Access to Multiple Insurance Companies: As an independent insurance agency, Wenatchee Insurance Agency works with multiple insurance companies. This allows us to offer quotes from multiple providers, giving customers access to a wider range of options. Customers can compare coverage and prices more easily without having to enter their information to multiple corporations.
  2. Personalized Service: Independent insurance agents, like those at Wenatchee Insurance, provide more personalized service in a non-corporate manner. We are part of Eastern Washington and offer a neighborly approach to insurance. Customers can expect a more personal touch when interacting with the agency.
  3. Flexibility and Customization: Independent insurance agencies have the flexibility to tailor insurance policies to meet the unique needs of customers. They can offer a variety of coverage options, deductibles, and policy limits, allowing customers to customize their car insurance based on their preferences. Sometimes you need car insurance and on other occasions you will have home and health insurance questions. Wenatchee Insurance understands that not everyone fits into a standard policy and aims to provide customized solutions.
  4. Long-Term Relationship: Wenatchee Insurance focuses on building long-term relationships with our clients. We aim to be the insurance agency of choice for our clients for the next 50 years. This means we prioritize the client’s needs beyond a single sale and strive to provide the best practices and services for years to come.
  5. Competitive Pricing: Contrary to popular belief, independent insurance agencies like Wenatchee Insurance can often offer competitive pricing. They have the advantage of shopping around on behalf of the customer and leveraging their relationships with multiple insurance companies to find the best rates available. This allows customers to secure affordable coverage without compromising on quality.
Claim conversations before they happen

It’s important to note that the specific advantages may vary depending on the independent insurance agency and the insurers they work with. Wenatchee Insurance Agency was built in response to customer requests for home and car insurance to Suzie and Matt.

Do you have any additional questions or is there anything else you would like to know about Wenatchee Insurance Agency?

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How do I get insurance for my Restaurant in Washington State?

Wenatchee has been a Foodie destination for years. Wenatchee Insurance loves insuring restaurants new and old.  

A restaurant typically needs the following types of insurance:

General Liability Insurance: Covers accidents and injuries on the premises

Property Insurance: Protects against damage or loss to the building and assets.

Liquor Liability Insurance: Necessary if the restaurant serves alcohol. The fast rule is the higher of percentage of alcohol over food then the more expensive the insurance.

Business Interruption Insurance: Covers income loss during temporary closures. (This was a big miss for some that dropped this coverage prior to COVID shutdowns to save money).

Commercial Auto Insurance: For restaurant-owned vehicles. If you are making deliveries or have a logo then have the conversation about commercial auto insurance with your agent.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI): Protects against employment-related claims.


Wenatchee Insurance does insurance for restaurants and businesses.

Many of the needed coverages can be found bundled together in a Business Owners’ Policy or BOP.

If you are new to Washington State or are starting a business. Washington State has programs regarding Worker’s Compensation, Long Term Care, and Family Medical Leave. With the individual health insurance marketplace being strong many small employers use the Washington Healthplanfinder for insurance by adding an allowance to payroll and having a local Enrollment Center walk through the plans.  

At Wenatchee Insurance Agency, we are an independent broker and customize coverage based on your restaurant’s needs and local regulations.

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Does my home insurance policy cover fireworks?

Central Washington Dangers

With the fire dangers high in Central Washington, local governments have been banning the sale and use of fireworks in favor of Community displays. In Wenatchee Valley, there is a great display visible from Walla Walla Point Park, every year.

The coverage for fireworks damage can vary depending on the specific terms and conditions of the insurance policy. However, I can provide you with a general overview of how an insurance policy might cover fireworks damage.

If you don’t have a policy then let us know and we will be glad to assist as an independent insurance agency.

Types of Insurance:

Homeowner’s Insurance: If you have a homeowner’s insurance policy, it may provide coverage for fireworks damage to your property. Typically, this coverage falls under the “perils” section of the policy, which includes fire, explosions, and certain types of accidental damage. If your property is damaged due to a fire caused by fireworks, you may be eligible to file a claim and receive compensation for the repairs or replacement of the damaged items.

Fire works above burning house

Personal Property Coverage: Homeowner’s insurance policies often include personal property coverage, which protects your belongings from various risks, including fire damage. If your personal belongings, such as furniture, electronics, or other items, are damaged by fireworks, you may be able to file a claim to receive compensation for their repair or replacement.

Liability Coverage: Another aspect of insurance coverage to consider is liability protection. If you accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property with fireworks, your liability coverage may help cover the costs of repairs or replacement. For example, if a firework ignites a neighbor’s house and burns the garage down, your insurance could cover the expenses.

Additional Home Insurance Info:

The average Home value in Wenatchee is over $500K so if you went cheap or started a large fire then your liability may not be enough. Fireworks cause a majority of problems around the 4th of July.

Some policies may completely exclude fireworks-related incidents, while others may have specific restrictions on the types of fireworks covered or the circumstances under which they’re covered. Always go over coverage with your insurance agent.

Always follow local laws and regulations when handling fireworks and use them responsibly to minimize the risk of accidents and potential damage. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that intentionally caused damage or illegal use of fireworks may not be covered by insurance policies.

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