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What additional benefits do Medicare Advantage plans offer?

medicare advantage plans have extras

The Secret Perks of Medicare Advantage Plans: It’s Like Finding Extra Fries in Your Bag!

Who doesn’t love discovering extra fries at the bottom of their EZ’s bag? Medicare Advantage plans can be just like that—with extra perks you didn’t even know you could get. Who better to help you find these hidden gems than Suzie and Wenatchee Insurance?

Vision, Dental, and Hearing: The Big Three Imagine going to your La Fuente for some Carne Asada, and they throw in free flan with your meal. Medicare Advantage plans can include vision, dental, and hearing benefits. That’s right! They help cover your eye exams, dental cleanings, and hearing aids. These added touches can make the difference from good to great.

Fitness Programs: Get Moving! Some plans can offer fitness programs. Think of it as your gym membership without the hefty price tag. You could be doing Zumba at the community center or swimming laps at the local pool—all included complementary to your plan. Who knew staying healthy could be this much fun?

Transportation Services: Ride On! Ever need a ride to the doctor’s office and wish you didn’t have to bother your neighbor? Medicare Advantage plans can offer transportation services. It’s like having your own taxi service, so you can sit back and relax on your way to appointments.

Over-the-Counter Allowances: Stock Up! Some plans give you allowances for over-the-counter items. Imagine walking into the local pharmacy and grabbing vitamins, pain relievers, or even Band-Aids without pulling out your wallet.

Why Wenatchee Insurance? Navigating these perks can be like hunting for Easter eggs. But with Wenatchee Insurance, you’ve got the ultimate guide. They know all the ins and outs of the local Medicare Advantage plans and can help you find one that offers the best extras for your lifestyle.

When you are ready. Suzie would love to help you navigate through available plans.

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What is the difference between personal and commercial auto insurance?

commercial auto for big trucks or small cars
We love our farm trucks

Alright, let’s break this down with a story. Meet Sofia. She lives in Waterville and loves two things: her dog, Diego, and her food truck, “Sofia’s Snack Shack Supreme,” which serves the best Burritos north of the Rio Grande. Now, Sofia drives her personal Subaru to pick up Diego’s favorite treats at Firehouse Petshop and her food truck to cater events over in Chelan. She would need both personal and commercial auto insurance, but why?

Personal auto insurance is like your trusty sidekick for everyday life. It covers you when you’re driving to pick up groceries at Safeway or heading to Lincoln Rock State Park for a hike. It’s all about personal use – commuting, road trips, and family outings.

But when Sofia hops into her food truck to cater a wedding at Ohme Gardens, she’s in the realm of commercial auto insurance. This is because commercial auto insurance covers vehicles used for business purposes. Whether you’re transporting goods, driving clients, or in Sofia’s case, serving up those mouth-watering burritos, commercial auto insurance has your back.

One day, Sofia’s food truck gets a dent while navigating the narrow streets of downtown Leavenworth. Because it happened during business hours while she was serving customers, her commercial auto insurance steps in. Her personal auto insurance would’ve thrown its hands up and said, “Not my job, no lettuce for you!”

Another difference? Liability limits. Commercial policies typically have higher liability limits because businesses face greater risks. If Sofia’s food truck accidentally bumps into the famous May Pole in Leavenworth, she’d need more coverage than if she just tapped a neighbor’s mailbox with her little Subaru.

Finally, let’s talk about employees. If Sofia hires a driver for her food truck, commercial auto insurance covers them too. Personal policies? Not so much. They’re like that one friend who never wants to share their fries – they only cover you and not anyone else driving your car for business.

So, next time you see Sofia cruising around in her Burrito truck, remember personal auto insurance is for personal rides, and commercial auto insurance is for business wheels. It’s the difference between a joyride and a job ride!

simple process for insurance
Wenatchee Insurance simple process

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How do I compare Medicare Part D plans in Eastern Washington?

Medicare Part D plans and Suzie from Wenatchee Insurance can help

Comparing Medicare Part D Plans: A Humorous Guide with Wenatchee Insurance

Picture this: you’re on a reality TV show called “Medicare Matchmaker,” hosted by none other than Wenatchee Insurance’s very own Suzie. She’s the perfect host, with a knack for making complex insurance terms as delightful as a game of charades. Your mission? To find the ideal Medicare Part D plan. Ready to play? Let’s dive into this hilarious yet informative adventure.

Round 1: The Introduction

Suzie: “Welcome to Medicare Matchmaker! Today, we’re comparing Part D plans, where finding the right fit is like choosing the perfect dance partner. Each plan has its own rhythm, and it’s our job to make sure you don’t end up with two left feet!”

Sample: “It’s like speed dating for your prescriptions. In one corner, we have the ‘No Deductible Dan’ plan, and in the other, ‘Low Premium Lucy.’ Who will sweep you off your feet?”

Round 2: The Quickstep – Monthly Premiums

First up, monthly premiums. Think of them as the cover charge to get into the dance hall. Some plans charge more, some less, and it all depends on how fancy you like your dance floor.

Suzie: “If you’re a frugal Fred or Frida, you might prefer a lower premium. But remember, cheaper isn’t always better. It’s about finding that sweet spot where cost meets coverage.”

Sample: “Imagine paying to get into a club only to find it’s karaoke night and not the salsa dance you hoped for. That’s what a low premium with poor coverage feels like.”

Round 3: The Tango – Deductibles

Next, we tackle deductibles. It’s the amount you pay before your plan starts to pitch in. High deductibles can feel like a long, slow tango, but for some, it’s worth the wait.

Suzie: “A high deductible plan might seem daunting, but if you’re not a frequent flyer at the pharmacy, it could save you money in the long run.”

Sample: “Think of it as a slow dance with a mysterious partner. The anticipation might just make the end result all the more rewarding.”

Round 4: The Waltz – Coverage and Formularies

Now, let’s waltz through coverage and formularies. Each plan has a list of covered drugs, known as a formulary. It’s crucial to ensure your medications are included.

Suzie: “Imagine showing up to the waltz in sneakers—just wrong. Similarly, the wrong plan might not cover your essential meds. Always check the formulary!”

Sample: “You wouldn’t wear a tutu to a tango, right? Matching your meds to the formulary is the same principle.”

Round 5: The Jive – Co-pays and Co-insurance

Next, co-pays and co-insurance. These are the out-of-pocket costs you’ll jive to when picking up your prescriptions.

Suzie: “Do you prefer a steady, predictable co-pay or are you a bit of a gambler, willing to jive with co-insurance? It’s all about your comfort with cost variability.”

Sample: “Co-pays are like knowing the DJ’s playlist in advance. Co-insurance? That’s like a surprise dance-off—exciting but unpredictable.”

Final Round: The Freestyle – Donut Hole

Ah, the infamous donut hole—a temporary limit on what the drug plan will cover. It’s a bit like the freestyle round—unexpected and sometimes tricky.

Suzie: “Navigating the donut hole can feel like doing the cha-cha on a minefield. But fear not, we’ll help you avoid the worst pitfalls.”

Sample: “The donut hole is that moment when the music stops, and you’re left wondering if you’ve been dancing to the wrong tune. But with the right plan, you’ll glide through it with ease.”

The Final Decision

After all the dances, it’s time to make your choice. Suzie wraps up the show with her signature flair.

Suzie: “Congratulations! You’ve compared premiums, deductibles, formularies, and more. With Wenatchee Insurance, you’re not just choosing a plan—you’re choosing peace of mind. Let’s make your Medicare Part D plan the best dance partner you’ve ever had!”

Sample: “Remember, the perfect plan is like the perfect dance partner—balanced, supportive, and in sync with your needs. With Wenatchee Insurance by your side, you’ll always be in step.”

And there you have it, folks! Comparing Medicare Part D plans doesn’t have to be a chore. With a little humor and a lot of expertise from Wenatchee Insurance, you’ll find the perfect plan that keeps you twirling through life with a smile.

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Lapsed Insurance Coverage: The Cliffhanger You Didn’t See Coming

lapsed car insurance wenatchee

Life is full of surprises. Some are delightful, like finding a twenty-dollar bill in your old jeans. Others, like discovering lapsed insurance for your car, are less so. But don’t worry, Wenatchee Insurance is here to turn this tragedy plot twist into a comedy.

The Unwelcome Surprise

You’re sorting through your mail when you find a letter from your insurance company. Your heart sinks as you realize – your insurance has lapsed. Cue the dramatic music and the slow-motion “Nooooo!”

The Plot Thickens

You call Shayla at Wenatchee Insurance, and they answers with their usual cheerful, “How can I help you today?” You explain the situation, bracing for a lecture. Instead, Shayla laughs and says, “No problem, let’s get you sorted out.”

Protip: Some companies that we work can be restarted quickly if there was a short break.

The Hero’s Journey

  1. The Call to Action: Shayla gives you a list of what you need to do to reinstate your insurance. It’s like a treasure map, only instead of gold, you’re looking for proof of payment.
  2. Overcoming Obstacles: You might face a few hurdles, like late fees or paperwork. But with Wenatchee Insurance guiding you, it’s more of a Rocky action montage than a dramatic struggle.
  3. The Happy Ending: You pay the fees, submit the paperwork, and just like that, your insurance is back on track. Shayla even throws in an “Amazing!” for good measure.

The Lesson Learned

The next time you find yourself in an insurance lapse cliffhanger, remember it’s just a plot twist, not the end of the story. With Wenatchee Insurance, every problem has a solution, and every lapse has a laugh.


Lapsed insurance might seem like a disaster, but with the right help, it’s just another funny story in the book of life. So don’t sweat it – call Wenatchee Insurance and turn that cliffhanger into a comedy.

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Which Medicare Advantage plan network is for me?

Medicare plan 65 Wenatchee Advantage

Finding Your Medicare Advantage Network: It’s Like Picking your favorite Ice Cream Flavor!

Choosing a Medicare Advantage plan network can feel like deciding on the best ice cream flavor at the Owl Soda Fountain. But don’t worry! Suzie and Wenatchee Insurance is here to help you find the perfect match—no brain freeze included.

HMO vs. PPO: The Big Scoop First up, we’ve got the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans. These are like sticking to your all-time favorite ice cream flavor. You’ve got to choose from a specific set of doctors and hospitals (your favorite ice cream parlor). But the upside? You know exactly what you’re getting, and it’s usually cheaper.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans are a bit more adventurous. They let you try different flavors from various parlors. It’s like getting a huckleberry shake from Not Dougs or headed to Coldstone in Leavenworth. Sure, you might pay a little more, but the freedom to explore is worth it if you’re the kind who likes to mix things up.

Wenatchee Insurance: Your Ice Cream Guide Wenatchee Insurance is like the friendly staff at the local ice cream shop who knows the top secret flavors. They’ll help you figure out if you’re more of an HMO or PPO person. Maybe you need to see a specialist in town, or you want the flexibility to travel and still get coverage. They’ve got the scoop on it all.

Local Flavor: The Farmer’s Market Example Think of HMO plans like sticking with your favorite vendor at the Wenatchee Farmer’s Market. You always buy your honey crisp apples from Royal Produce because they’re the best. PPO plans are like wandering around the Farmers’ market, trying different stands, and discovering new favorites. Both have their perks!

Why Networks Matter Choosing the right network is crucial because you don’t want to end up going to a doctor who’s out of your plan’s network. It’s like getting a surprise bill after indulging in the most expensive sundae. No one wants that!

Wenatchee Insurance to the Rescue! Suzie at Wenatchee Insurance knows all the local doctors and hospitals. They can tell you which plans your favorite specialists are in, so you don’t have to switch doctors and start from scratch. They’ll make sure your Medicare Advantage plan fits like a glove (or like a perfectly scooped cone).

So, whether you’re a loyal vanilla fan or you like to mix chocolate chip with rocky road, Wenatchee Insurance will help you find the Medicare Advantage network that’s just right for you. Because picking insurance shouldn’t be as stressful as picking a dessert!

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Do I need commercial auto insurance for my small business?

commercial auto for your business

Picture this: You run a small but mighty landscaping business, Green Thumb Gurus, in beautiful sunny Wenatchee. You and your team zip around town, trimming hedges and mowing lawns from Eastmont Community Park to the Cashmere Pioneer Museum. Now, do you need commercial auto insurance for your small business? Simply put, yes!

Here’s why. If you’re using your pickup truck for business purposes, your regular auto insurance might not cover you if you get into an accident while hauling a load of mulch to a client’s yard. That’s right – your insurance could say, “Not my problem!” faster than a teenager ditching household chores. A commercial auto or business endorsement will save you headaches in the future.

We never want to give an insurance company an excuse not to cover a claim. When you are doing business on a personal policy they you are one step closer for them to do just that.

Commercial auto insurance is the brave big brother where personal auto insurance fears to walk. It covers vehicles owned by your business, whether it’s a shiny new pickup truck or that old grey panel van with the dented door you’ve lovingly nicknamed “The Battleship.” If it’s used for business, it needs commercial coverage.

Let’s say you’re driving through Leavenworth after a successful day of planting tulips, and you get rear-ended by a wine tourist bus. Without commercial auto insurance, you’d be on the hook for repairs and medical bills. Ouch!

Not convinced? Picture this: One of your employees, Greg, uses his own car to deliver a bigfoot chainsaw carving (because who doesn’t love bigfoot in Washington state?). If Greg gets into an accident, your business could be held liable. Commercial auto insurance can cover those costs, saving your business from financial ruin.

So, whether you’re delivering flowers, catering weddings, or running errands, if it’s business-related, get commercial auto insurance. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind, and it’ll keep your business running smoothly, from the woods of Lake Wenatchee to the hills of the Okanogan Highlands.

simple process for insurance
Wenatchee Insurance simple process

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What does commercial auto insurance cover?

commercial auto wenatchee insurance

So, you’re cruising around Chelan County in your trusty company van, delivering pastries from Pybus Public Market to the good folks of Wenatchee, when BAM! A deer leaps out from behind a tree. Your day just went from doughnuts to “Oh, sugar, honey, iced tea!” This is where commercial auto insurance swoops in like an osprey grabbing a river trout.

Commercial auto insurance covers quite a bit – think of it as a superhero with many powers. First up, we have liability coverage. If you cause an accident (like that time you bumped into a statue at Riverfront Park because you were distracted by a squirrel), liability coverage pays for the damages to the other person’s car and their medical bills.

Next, there’s collision coverage, which helps pay for the repairs to your own vehicle if you’re involved in an accident. So, when that white tail deer incident happens, your insurance can help fix your van faster than you can say “New York Minute .”

Comprehensive coverage is like the Swiss Leatherman multitool of your policy. It covers theft, vandalism, and those pesky natural disasters. For example: You parked your delivery truck at the Apple Blossom Festival, and someone decides to graffiti a masterpiece to raccoons on your side door. Comprehensive coverage has you covered!

Don’t forget about uninsured motorist coverage. If some nincompoop without insurance hits you, this part of your policy makes sure you’re not stuck paying the bills. Washington state has a fair amount of these so we do not recommend skipping this coverage.

And last but not least, we have medical payment coverage. This one’s straightforward – it helps cover medical expenses for you and your passengers if you’re hurt in an accident, no matter who’s at fault. Whenever, you go to the doctors and they ask if this was because of an accident, this is the coverage that they are looking for. Think of it as a little band-aid for your wallet.

So, next time you’re driving on 97 to Entiat for a delivery, remember that your commercial auto insurance is your trusty sidekick, ready to jump in and save the day when things go awry.

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What medicare prescription Drug Plans (Part D) are available in Eastern Washington?

medicare prescription plan d talk to Suzie at Wenatchee

Discovering Your Medicare prescription Match: A Light-hearted Journey Through Part D Plans with Wenatchee Insurance

When it comes to finding the right Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) in Eastern Washington, the options can feel like a never-ending buffet. But fear not! Suzie with Wenatchee Insurance is here to help you navigate the smorgasbord of choices with humor and experence. Let’s dive into the delightful world of Medicare Part D plans, where each plan is like a quirky character at a neighborhood cook out.

The “Budget Benny” Plan

First up is the “Budget Benny” plan. Benny is that guy who always brings the cheapest dish to the cook out but somehow manages to make it taste great. This plan has a low monthly premium and keeps costs minimal. Perfect for those who are pinching pennies but still want solid coverage. With Budget Benny, you won’t break the bank, and you’ll still get your essential medications covered.

Sample: “Imagine Benny showing up with a big bowl of chili—simple, affordable, and everyone loves it. That’s what you get with the Budget Benny plan: basic but beloved.”

The “Luxury Lucy” Plan

On the other end of the spectrum, we have “Luxury Lucy.” Lucy arrives at the cook out with gourmet hors d’oeuvres, a cheese platter, and artisanal bread. This plan has a higher premium but offers extensive coverage, low deductibles, and includes a wide range of medications. Ideal for those who prefer their healthcare coverage to be as luxurious as their lifestyle.

Sample: “Luxury Lucy is like the friend who treats every meal like a Michelin-star event. With this plan, you’re not just covered—you’re covered in style.”

Medicare plan 65 Wenatchee Advantage

The “Steady Eddie” Plan

Next, meet “Steady Eddie.” Eddie is dependable, always brings a reliable dish, and you can count on him year after year. This plan offers a balanced approach with moderate premiums and coverage. It’s designed for those who want stability and don’t like surprises—just good, consistent coverage.

Sample: “Steady Eddie is like that comforting casserole at every cook out—hearty, satisfying, and you know exactly what you’re getting.”

The “Flexible Fran” Plan

There’s “Flexible Fran,” who always brings a dish that can be vegan, gluten-free, or carnivore-friendly depending on what’s needed. This plan is all about options and adaptability. Perfect for those who have specific or changing medical needs, Fran’s plan can adjust to whatever life throws your way.

Sample: “Flexible Fran is the chameleon of cook out dishes, just like her plan can adapt to your shifting medical needs.”

The “Value Vicky” Plan

Lastly, let’s not forget “Value Vicky.” Vicky is thrifty and resourceful, bringing a dish that’s cost-effective. This plan strikes a balance between cost and coverage, giving you the most bang for your buck without sacrificing quality.

Sample: “Value Vicky’s plan is like that surprisingly tasty dish made from leftovers—creative, cost-efficient, and surprisingly satisfying.”

Navigating the Buffet with Wenatchee Insurance

Choosing the right Medicare Prescription Part D plan doesn’t have to be overwhelming. At Wenatchee Insurance, we’re your friendly guides at the buffet table of Medicare options. We’ll help you sample each plan, compare the flavors, and find the one that leaves you feeling satisfied and secure.

So, whether you’re a Budget Benny or a Luxury Lucy, a Steady Eddie or a Flexible Fran, Wenatchee Insurance is here to make sure your Medicare Prescription Part D plan fits you like a glove—or like your favorite cook out dish. Call us today, and let’s get started on finding your perfect plan match!

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Surviving Wildfires 101: Insurance Edition with Wenatchee Insurance Agency

Greetings, fellow adventurers of Central Washington! Today, we are looking at topic that can raise the hairs on the back of your neck — the insurance coverage for wildfire damage, brought to you by the team at Wenatchee Insurance Agency! 🌲🦸‍♂️🔥

Imagine this: you wake up one morning, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and then—bam! Wildfire season strikes with the ferocity of a lightning storm. In Central Washington too often,  we are not just a bystander in this fiery spectacle—you’re the star of our insurance epic!

What exactly does wildfire insurance cover? Well, put your big pants on, it’s not just about protecting our little home on the range (though they’ve got that covered too). Wenatchee Insurance goes above and beyond to shield everything from your beloved RV to your quirky collection of garden gnomes. Yes, even the gnomes deserve a shield against the flames!

But wait, there’s more! Ever worried about your vintage bicycle or that treasured kayak you’ve had since the dawn of time? Fear not, because with Wenatchee Insurance, your prized possessions are as safe as a squirrel with a winter stash of acorns.

Now, let’s talk about Shayla—yes, the legend herself. Shayla isn’t just an insurance agent; she’s your guide through the wildfire maze. Need to file a claim faster than you can say “hot apple pie”? Shayla’s got your back. Need advice on how to fortify your home against wildfire threats? Shayla’s wisdom is as abundant as Quincy Corn in September.

And here’s the secret sauce—the real magic of Wenatchee Insurance isn’t just their expertise (though they’ve got that in spades). It’s their commitment to the community. They’re not just here to sell you a policy; they’re here to hold your hand (metaphorically, of course) through the trials and tribulations of wildfire season. Because when flames flicker on the horizon, you don’t just want an insurance policy. You want a shield, a guardian, a friend who understands the dance of fire and fear.

So, whether you’re a seasoned wildfire warrior or a newcomer to the realm of insurance wonders, remember this: with Wenatchee Insurance Agency, you’re not just a client—you’re family. A family with a fireproof plan and a hotline to Shayla, the guardian angel of insurance wisdom.

Stay safe, stay covered, and remember—with Wenatchee Insurance, wildfire season is just another chapter in your epic tale of insurance triumphs!

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