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Winter is coming is your Semi Truck Insurance Ready?

You need insurance coverages for the wind, snow and ice. Between Blewett, Snoqualmie Pass and the Vantage Bridge, the roads can get rough. Let’s sprinkle in some winter-themed humor with snow and ice into our semi truck insurance coverage list for your trucking business that we should talk about.

  1. Primary Liability Insurance: From Wenatchee Insurance Agency, it’s like giving your truck a superhero cape, but with extra padding for those slippery snowball fights on the highway.
  2. Physical Damage Coverage for Icy Encounters: This is like kitting your truck out in a snowsuit. Perfect for those chilly days when your truck decides to go ice skating across the road.
  3. Cargo Insurance for a Winter Wonderland: Whether you’re hauling apples or timber, Wenatchee Insurance Agency has you covered like a warm, fluffy snow blanket on a cold winter night.
  4. Bobtail Insurance for Snowy Solos: Ideal for when your truck wants to make snow angels on its day off, ensuring it can frolic in the winter wonderland without a worry.
  5. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage with a Frosty Flair: It’s like having a friendly yeti guarding your truck against drivers who think insurance is as mythical as a snow dragon.
  6. General Liability Insurance for Slippery Situations: Watch out for those ice patches! This coverage is like having a team of penguins on standby to guide anyone who might slip on an icy patch at your business.
  7. Non-Trucking Liability Insurance for Joyrides in a Winter Fantasy: Even when your truck is just exploring the snowy landscape of Grant County, this semi truck insurance ensures it’s as protected as a hibernating bear.
  8. Occupational Accident Insurance for Those Braving the Cold (No Squirrels Included): Ideal for your human team members who are out there braving the icy roads, ensuring they’re covered faster than you can say “hot chocolate break!”.


Incorporating a bit of snowy humor makes the topic of insurance a bit more fun, especially with the Wenatchee Insurance Agency potentially familiar with the unique challenges of insuring trucks in snow and ice. Just remember, while the snow and ice jokes are light-hearted, ensuring you have the right coverage for all seasons is seriously important. Stay safe and maybe keep your chains and a snow shovel handy, just in case!

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