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Here’s Why You Need Umbrella Insurance for Your High-Risk Business

You run a high-risk business in Wenatchee, WA, but aren’t sure if you need umbrella insurance or not. We at Wenatchee Insurance Agency can tell you that you absolutely do! There are many reasons why this policy type is so important, so please read on to learn more about why.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an overarching protection policy (hence its name) that expands your liability. It’s usually chosen by businesses that want to avoid expensive liability costs. When used properly, it can minimize the danger of expensive lawsuits and improve your financial situation.

Typically, your policy comes into play the moment you max out your liability coverage. For example, let’s say you pay your total liability out to help someone after an injury. Instead of paying out of your pocket, your umbrella protection will kick in and pay the rest of the costs (up to a certain limit).

How Does It Help You?

If you have an umbrella insurance policy, your liability protection for your high-risk business is significantly increased. Let’s say you run a hunting company, and someone gets shot by accident on a trip. With umbrella insurance, you can pay for their recovery without worrying about maxing out your policy.

Furthermore, you can even use your umbrella insurance as an advertising tool or as a way of mitigating your company’s risk. It might even improve your value or decrease your insurance price, depending on a myriad of factors. That makes umbrella insurance essential.

Who Can You Call?

If you live in Wenatchee, WA and want to work with an insurance provider you can trust, call us at Wenatchee Insurance Agency. We’ll talk with you about your policy, discuss potential upgrades to your coverage, and make sure that you get the high-quality help that you need to stay strong.

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Winter is coming is your Semi Truck Insurance Ready?

You need insurance coverages for the wind, snow and ice. Between Blewett, Snoqualmie Pass and the Vantage Bridge, the roads can get rough. Let’s sprinkle in some winter-themed humor with snow and ice into our semi truck insurance coverage list for your trucking business that we should talk about.

  1. Primary Liability Insurance: From Wenatchee Insurance Agency, it’s like giving your truck a superhero cape, but with extra padding for those slippery snowball fights on the highway.
  2. Physical Damage Coverage for Icy Encounters: This is like kitting your truck out in a snowsuit. Perfect for those chilly days when your truck decides to go ice skating across the road.
  3. Cargo Insurance for a Winter Wonderland: Whether you’re hauling apples or timber, Wenatchee Insurance Agency has you covered like a warm, fluffy snow blanket on a cold winter night.
  4. Bobtail Insurance for Snowy Solos: Ideal for when your truck wants to make snow angels on its day off, ensuring it can frolic in the winter wonderland without a worry.
  5. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage with a Frosty Flair: It’s like having a friendly yeti guarding your truck against drivers who think insurance is as mythical as a snow dragon.
  6. General Liability Insurance for Slippery Situations: Watch out for those ice patches! This coverage is like having a team of penguins on standby to guide anyone who might slip on an icy patch at your business.
  7. Non-Trucking Liability Insurance for Joyrides in a Winter Fantasy: Even when your truck is just exploring the snowy landscape of Grant County, this semi truck insurance ensures it’s as protected as a hibernating bear.
  8. Occupational Accident Insurance for Those Braving the Cold (No Squirrels Included): Ideal for your human team members who are out there braving the icy roads, ensuring they’re covered faster than you can say “hot chocolate break!”.


Incorporating a bit of snowy humor makes the topic of insurance a bit more fun, especially with the Wenatchee Insurance Agency potentially familiar with the unique challenges of insuring trucks in snow and ice. Just remember, while the snow and ice jokes are light-hearted, ensuring you have the right coverage for all seasons is seriously important. Stay safe and maybe keep your chains and a snow shovel handy, just in case!

simple process for insurance
Wenatchee Insurance simple process

How do I pay for my Health Insurance on the Healthplanfinder?

Suzie & Matt help run the Enrollment Center in Wenatchee and they get a lot of questions. How to make a payment is a big one. This year we are seeing a bunch of new folks as Cascade Care has introduced Immigrants to the Healthplanfinder.

During the open enrollment period the Healthplanfinder allows for an initial payment once your plan has been selected. The open enrollment period runs from November 1st through December 15th.

Since Washington State has it’s exchange the Washington Healthplanfinder they can add additional enrollment periods. For this year, we are going to January 15th for plans starting February 1st.

Some companies will not ship your insurance policy information before they have received payment so it is an important step.

Your main screen will look like this:

Go to the Payment tab, push the Green button, and process the payment. Some companies will allow you to set up the automatic monthly payment here.

Here is the payment tab.

After the enrollment period

You will want to work directly with the insurance companies. Some will allow for automated payments and some insurance companies work well with brokers to allow for payment processing. (Talk to your insurance broker if this is an option).

The current list of insurance companies and their payment links:

Ambetter from Coordinated Care


Community Healthplan

Delta Dental


Kaiser Permanente



Pacific Source



United Healthcare

Washington Apple Health

Companion Life

If you enrolled using the Washington Healthplanfinder then you can make an immediate payment using the Washington Healthplanfinder during the enrollment period. If you want to use the insurance company’s webpage then it may take a couple of days for the files to transfer. Making a call to the insurance company can speed up the process.

Do not hesitate if you have questions about your insurance plan on the Washington Healthplanfinder to contact Suzie and Matt.

We love our senior insurance customers
Why be boring, life is short.

Top 5 things that Seniors look for a local insurance agent in NCW

We love our Seniors from Suzie assisting with Medicare plans to Shayla finding discounts on home and auto. It’s why we have a friendly office that is easily accessible off Mission Street.

Top Five Reasons

Age Is Just a Number, Especially When Forgetting Yours: Find an agent who doesn’t just offer senior policies, but also reminds you of your age – preferably someone who celebrates your “29th” birthday with you, annually. We love you checking in, reviewing policies and shopping.

Experience in Senior Discounts, Including Early Bird Specials: An agent who knows the ins and outs of senior discounts is a gem. Bonus points if they can also guide you to the best early bird specials in town. (We like Shakti’s).

A Walking, Talking Medical Dictionary: You want an agent who understands senior health plans better than they understand their grandchildren’s slang. If they can explain your policy options without needing a nap afterward, you’ve struck gold. (As a former pharmacy technician, Suzie can spell Ozempic in her sleep).

Technologically Savvy, But Not Too Savvy: Look for someone who’s tech-savvy enough to email you your policy but still prints out directions from Google Maps. By using an appointment app, it gives us more time to chat.

The Patience of a Saint: This agent doesn’t just have patience; they have the kind of zen-like calm that could rival a tortoise in meditation. They’ll explain the fine print so many times, even your forgetful cousin could recite it.

Remember, finding the right insurance agent should be as satisfying as finding that last piece of candy at the bottom of your purse – a delightful surprise that makes your day just a bit sweeter!

Topics: Senior, independent insurance agent, Medicare, Care insurance discounts, Early Bird Special, Wenatchee Insurance

Are my doctors in network with my health insurance?

PPO or HMO how does your health plan work

At the Enrollment Center, we get asked a lot about networks from people wanting to understand their plans. There are a lot of assumptions about networks and this is intended to dispel some of those assumptions.

If you want assistance then let us know. It costs nothing to work with us.

Domestic medical tourism refers to the practice where individuals travel within their own country to access medical treatments or healthcare services that are not available or are of a different quality or more affordable in another region or city within the United States. This can include a wide range of medical services, from major surgeries and specialized treatments to elective procedures and wellness services.

Key aspects of domestic medical tourism include:

  1. Accessibility of Specialized Care: Patients might travel to another part of the country to access specialized medical expertise and advanced treatment options that are not available in their local area.
  2. Avoiding Long Wait Times: In countries where healthcare systems face high demand, patients may face long wait times for certain procedures. Traveling to another region where the wait times are shorter can be an appealing option.
  3. Combining Treatment with Leisure: Some patients might combine their medical treatment with leisure activities, turning their medical trip into a more pleasant experience. This is particularly common in areas known for their natural beauty, cultural significance, or relaxation facilities.
  4. Quality of Care: Patients may perceive healthcare providers in certain cities or regions as being of higher quality than those available locally, prompting them to travel domestically for treatment.

Domestic medical tourism is influenced by factors such as the availability of healthcare services, the cost of care, the quality of facilities, and the reputation of medical practitioners in different regions of a country.

Domestic medical tourism has forced insurance companies to limit their networks to reduce provider costs. There has been a shift from the individual marketplace from Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans to Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) to Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO).

Every year during early summer, people have the right to make comments on the health plans during the public comment part of the plans.

It takes providers and insurance companies working together to build networks. Some options in Central Washington for Individual plans.

On our state’s exchange the Washington Healthplanfinder.

Want help in picking a plan? Here you go.

Coordinated Care Corporation/ Ambetter

Ambetter for 2024 Network. For a current list of network providers then please go to

Networks in Washington State

Coordinated Care across the United States.

Community Health Plan of Washington

2024 Cascade Select Counties

In Wenatchee, the most popular clinic is Columbia Valley Community Health Service (CVCH) however there are over 21 Community Health Centers operating 200 Primary Clinics and over 70 Hospitals operating in the Community Health Plan of Washington‘s network.

Family Health Centers in Okanogan and Douglas Counties

Moses Lake Community Health Center in Moses Lake

New Health in Ferry, Pend Oreille, Spokane and Stevens Counties

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services and Yakima Valley Farm Workers in Yakima

Lifewise Health Plan of Washington

Lifewise has a variety of different levels, especially pay attention to the Cascade and Cascade Select plans as not every doctor is contracted with every Lifewise Network.

One of the Big advantages to Lifewise is the exclusive access to the Kinwell Clinics located throughout Washington State.

While domestic medical tourism has played a role in reshaping the Washington State Insurance and provider networks, we do have the ability with the three plans to travel to different parts of the state and still be with in network.

Please double check coverage prior to selecting a plan and prior to medical procedures as networks can shift with contracts.

Topics: Healthplanfinder, Washington, Coordinated Care, Community Health, Lifewise, HMO, PPO, Medical Tourism, Hospital Networks,

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Health & Medicare

For nearly a decade we have assisted with Health & Medicare Solutions. We are proud to be selected by the Washington Healthplanfinder to be one of ten Enrollment Centers located in Washington State.

We work with all ages and charge no fees.

Health & Medicare

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