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How Often Should I Review and Update My Home Insurance Policy?

The Annual Home Insurance Check-Up

Insurance review are important

Just like your annual doctor’s check up, your home insurance policy needs regular reviews to stay in good shape. Let’s talk about the why, when, and how with Wenatchee Insurance.

The Annual Check-Up Once a year, take a look at your policy. Think of it as a wellness check for your home insurance. Are all your coverages up to date? Have you made any significant changes to your home that need to be included? Is there a lot of inflation?

Post-Renovation Review Did you just build that dream kitchen or add a new deck? Time to update your policy. Renovations can increase the value of your home, and you’ll want your coverage to reflect that shiny new gourmet stove.

Bonus: A new roof can reduce Home Insurance cost.

Major Purchase Alert Did you buy a new Steinway piano or inherit paintings from your Great Aunt Gates? Big-ticket items should be added to your policy to ensure they’re covered. Some categories have limits and may require an endorsement. It’s like adding vitamins to your diet – essential for overall health.

Neighborhood Changes Has your area experienced changes in risk factors, like an unkept field or new construction? Time for a review. Just as you’d adjust your diet if your environment changed, adjust your insurance to match your surroundings.

Life Changes New family members, a new pet, or even a change in your job status can all impact your insurance needs. Keep your policy in sync with your life. It’s like updating your wardrobe to fit your current lifestyle.

With Wenatchee Insurance, keeping your home insurance policy up to date is as easy as scheduling your next check-up. Stay protected and stay informed!

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