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Four mistakes homeowners should avoid regarding flood insurance

Flood damage is one of the costliest types of home damage every year in the United States. That’s why it’s so important for homeowners in Wenatchee, WA to purchase flood insurance. At Wenatchee Insurance Agency, we offer flood insurance policies that can protect homeowners financially. 

The following are four mistakes that homeowners need to avoid regarding flood insurance. 

Procrastinating before buying flood insurance

It’s never a good idea to wait before buying flood insurance. You never know when a flood could cause extensive damage to your home. Buy flood insurance now to ensure that you’re covered when disaster strikes. 

Neglecting to follow news about increasing flood risk in one’s area

You can’t assume that your area will never be at high risk of flood damage just because it wasn’t when you initially bought your home.

Flood zone maps can change due to community development projects and changes in regional weather patterns. That’s why it’s always important to follow local news on flood zone classifications. 

Overlooking details regarding basement coverage

Homeowners with basements need to pay attention to the fine print on their flood insurance policies. Some flood insurance policies limit coverage for basement areas of a home.

You cannot assume that a standard flood insurance policy will cover any basement damage that your home could experience. Basement coverage is an especially important policy detail for homeowners with finished basements. 

Relying on home insurance for flood damage coverage

One of the most important things homeowners should know about flood damage is that standard home insurance doesn’t cover floods. You need to invest in a separate flood insurance policy or add a flood coverage endorsement to your home insurance policy to get flood damage covered. 

Reach Out To Us

When your home in Wenatchee, WA experiences flood damage, it’s essential for you to have a flood insurance provider you can rely on. Call us at Wenatchee Insurance Agency to get a quote on a flood insurance policy that will give you peace of mind and protect your home’s value. 

Health Insurance FAQs

Health insurance is a vital type of insurance. Without health insurance, you might not get the health care that you need. Finding the right health insurance can be difficult and having an insurance agent you trust can help. In Wenatchee, WA, our team at Wenatchee Insurance Agency is dedicated to helping get rid of the confusion surrounding health insurance and making sure all of our clients have the right coverage. 

What is an HMO?

HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization, and it is the most restrictive type of managed care. With an HMO you usually cannot go outside the network for treatment except in the case of an extreme emergency. You must have a primary care physician who is responsible for your care and providing referrals if you need to go to a specialist. It is also usually the most affordable type of managed care. 

Should I get a high deductible policy?

Affordability is the most common reason for choosing a high deductible policy. It also allows you to have an HSA  (healthcare savings account) which is exempt from tax in order to put aside money to pay for covered medical expenses. 

How do I make sure my doctor takes the health insurance?

The first option is to check the list of doctors who are in the plan network but if this isn’t helping you, call your doctor’s office, they should be able to help. 

Are my prescriptions covered? 

Every plan has a formulary which is a list of covered medications. They are listed in tiers; some tiers may be free, and others may have a copay and/or a deductible. You should be able to find this on the carrier website. 

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Contact Wenatchee Insurance Agency in Wenatchee, WA when you need help with your health insurance needs. We are here to answer your call. 

Life Insurance in Wenatchee: What to Know

No matter your age or whether you have children or not, you should consider getting a life insurance policy in Wenatchee, WA. Life insurance is a great way to plan for the future and will make you and your family feel at ease in the event of death. A trusted Wenatchee Insurance Agency agent can help you decide which policy is right for you.

Types of Life Insurance

A Wenatchee, WA life insurance policy will supply financial assistance to your beneficiaries in the event of your death. How much and how often your beneficiaries get paid, the benefits they receive, and the circumstances that will allow payment are laid out in the contract with you and your insurance company. What your beneficiaries receive also depends on the type of insurance policy you get. The main types of insurance are:

Term Insurance: Protects you for a limited time – one year – 30 years or more. This policy can be renewed if it expires.

Cash Value Life: The insurer uses part of your premium to set up an interest-earning financial account. You can borrow or withdraw from this account at any time. There are different types of Cash Value Life. They include:

  • Whole Life – provides coverage for life
  • Universal Life – a flexible policy
  • Variable Life – where your money is invested into investment accounts. 

Contact An Agent Today

If you want to learn more or to get started on an insurance policy, contact an agent at Wenatchee Insurance Agency now. They will be able to help answer all your questions and get you started with a life insurance policy that is an excellent fit for you. Putting not only you at ease, but your family at ease and ready for the future. 

The Ultimate Guide to Auto Insurance in the Evergreen State

If you’re a new driver or changing auto insurance companies in Wenatchee, WA, navigating the auto insurance world can be a complex and daunting task. Contact the insurance professionals at Wenatchee Insurance Agency when you need help understanding auto industry terms like deductibles, minimum coverage, or liability. 

Why You Need Auto Insurance 

Licensed car insurance professionals can help guide you through the murky waters of auto insurance. Evergreen state drivers can feel more confident about choosing the best auto insurance policy when they understand insurance basics. 

Washington State Insurance Requirements 

One of the most important things to understand about getting auto insurance in the Evergreen State is that having auto insurance is mandatory for all drivers. Every driver operating a motor vehicle on Washington roads must have minimum liability insurance to financially protect other drivers from the costs associated with an automobile accident. Minimum liability insurance helps cover medical expenses and property damage caused by an auto accident. 

Talk to your agent to learn about the basic requirements for getting the best car insurance policies in Wenatchee, WA and surrounding cities! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of auto insurance do I need to drive in Washington?

Washington’s drivers need minimum liability insurance coverage to drive legally. They can also add optional coverages for comprehensive and collision to extend the limits of their policy. 

How much does liability insurance cost in Washington? 

The cost of a Washington liability insurance policy will vary since it depends on your driving history and other factors.

What factors affect my car insurance rate?

Licensed insurance agents can help you choose a policy based on your driving history, budget, and other factors. 

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Contact a licensed insurance agent at Wenatchee Insurance Agency to get a customized insurance quote today! 

3 Benefits of Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

Many people purchase their auto insurance and home insurance separately. This is often simply because they may not be a homeowner when they purchase vehicle insurance. The car often comes first, and then later on, the home purchase. At that time, it’s worth revisiting the insurance plan and having them with the same company. Wenatchee Insurance Agency, serving Wenatchee, WA and surrounding areas, offers the ability to bundle your home and auto insurance.

Here are three of the many benefits of doing this:

1. Simplicity

Life is complicated enough, and it’s helpful to make things simple whenever possible. When you bundle your home and auto insurance, you can keep all your insurance files and information in one place. Also, you will be working with one insurance agent instead of two. Your one insurance agent will be able to help you with both your home and auto insurance questions, changes, claims, etc.

2. Better Understanding of the Company

Every insurance company has its own procedures. Rather than you having to keep track of how two different insurance companies operate, bundle your home and car insurance so you only need to be familiar with one company’s policies.

3. Easier Payments

When you have two separate insurance companies, you have to make two insurance premium payments separately. This will entail the necessity of logging into two websites and managing bill payments for two separate calendar dates. When you bundle your home and car insurance, you may have only one payment to make that covers both your home and vehicle. And even if they are separate payments, you only have to deal with one company for both policy payments.

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There are even more benefits to bundling your various insurance policies. Contact Wenatchee Insurance Agency, serving Wenatchee, WA to learn more about how to bundle your home and car insurance.

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