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What are the top 10 reasons to get life insurance

Plans go sideways all the time it is why we have insurance.

Does Medical Crowdfunding work? The American Journal of Public Health found that only 12% of medical GoFundMe campaigns reached their goals and a whopping 16% received no donations at all. Passing a hat to pay for expenses sucks and I would not wish that on anyone.

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Alternate to GoFundMe

Let’s keep it light. Here are the top 10 humorous reasons you might consider getting life insurance:

  1. Ghost Support: To make sure your ghost can haunt in style, with the latest ethereal gadgets like the “Boo-Bluetooth” or “Specter-Spectacles.”
  2. Debt Zombie Apocalypse: Life insurance helps ensure that your debts don’t rise from the grave to haunt your family, because the only thing worse than actual zombies is debt zombies.
  3. Funeral Extravaganza: So you can afford a funeral that’s less “sob and sniffle” and more “rock concert with pyrotechnics,” because you always wanted to go out with a bang!
  4. Mortgage-B-Gone Magic: Wave that wand and say goodbye to the mortgage! It’s the financial equivalent of a vanishing act for the ultimate peace of mind.
  5. Kid’s College Fund… or Bail Money: Whether it’s for their education or in case they take after your wild younger days, you’ve got it covered!
  6. Inheritance Roulette: Leave a game of financial Clue for your relatives. “I bequeath my collection of rare cheese labels to… the one who can stand on one leg the longest.”
  7. Guilt-Free Shopping Spree: Gives your partner the chance to indulge in retail therapy without the guilt, because “Honey, it’s what they would’ve wanted.”
  8. Secret Lair Maintenance Fund: Keeps your secret lair in tip-top condition for future generations of family super-villains or superheroes. Your kid could be Batman. Your legacy of mysterious hideouts lives on!
  9. The “I Told You So” Clause: For all the times you said you’d die before going to your in-laws’ house for dinner… and well, you want to be a person of your word.
  10. Santa Replacement Service: Ensures that Christmas remains a jolly affair with a professional Santa to fill your boots. Elves and reindeer rentals are, however, optional extras.

Remember, while it’s fun to add a touch of humor, life insurance is a serious matter that helps provide financial security for those you care about most! We will assist you along the way.

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