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Do I need a surety bond in Washington state?

Unleashing the Power of Surety Bonds: The Unsung Heroes of Guarantee

Welcome to the quirky world of surety bonds, where the unsung heroes of business and construction come to shine! Surety bonds might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to exciting topics, but they play a crucial role in ensuring projects and professional services go off without a hitch. Here’s a lighthearted look at who can use a surety bond and why you might consider becoming their biggest fan!

The Fearless Contractor

Imagine hiring someone to build your dream house, only to find out they’ve mistakenly included a moat around your home. Enter the surety bond! These bonds act as a promise that the contractor will not only complete the job but will adhere to certain standards. No moats—unless you specifically ask for one, of course.

Contractor needing a surety bond for L and I

The Daring Business Owner

Opening a new business can be as nerve-wracking as performing a tightrope walk over a bustling city intersection. Surety bonds guarantee that the business will comply with local laws and regulations, ensuring that the business owner doesn’t accidentally turn their new bakery into an all-night rave (unless, again, that’s the plan).

The Adventurous Importer

Ever wonder how exotic goods make their way to your local market without turning into an episode of “When Imports Go Wrong”? Surety bonds are there to ensure that importers comply with government regulations, helping to prevent those chocolate bars from being nothing more than cleverly disguised, inedible replicas.

The Courageous Notary Public

Notaries public might not wield swords or wear capes, but their stamps wield a lot of power. A surety bond for a notary ensures that they handle your documents properly and don’t accidentally certify your cat as the next legal heir to your estate—unless, of course, that’s your wish.

Why You Might Love Surety Bonds

Surety bonds provide peace of mind in a chaotic world. They make sure everyone sticks to their promises and that professional standards are met. Plus, they prevent potentially hilarious yet undesirable outcomes from becoming a reality in your personal and professional projects.

fast access to a surety bond

So next time you embark on a business venture, sign a contract with a contractor, or deal with a notary, remember the surety bond—your invisible hero ensuring that everything goes exactly as planned. Just remember, they can’t actually make you fly or turn invisible; they’re magical, but only in the metaphorical sense!

Surety bonds might not be the topic of blockbuster movies or bestselling novels, but in the world of business and legal affairs, they’re absolutely crucial. Who knew something so serious could also be a little bit fun?

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Fight inflation by changing Medigap plans outside of fall enrollment in Washington

Changing Medicare Medigap plan is not restricted to the specific annual enrollment period like some other parts of Medicare (Plan D), but certain considerations and rules affect when and how you can change your plan:

Usually, in spring rates change, if you find your rates inflating then talk to Suzie and see if you can change plans in Washington State. Suzie has in person, video, or phone appointments available in Washington State.

Suzie McColm with Washington State award for new individual health and medicare insurance, Medigap

Medigap plans are standardized so price shopping can fight inflation.

Guaranteed Issue Rights: Certain situations, known as “guaranteed issue rights,” allow you to enroll or change Medigap policies without medical underwriting. You have this right during your initial enrollment period. You also have this if you are switching from a Medigap plan to a Medigap plan if you have held coverage for at least three months.

Trial Rights occur when you join a Medicare Advantage Plan when you were first eligible for Medicare Part A at 65, or if you dropped a Medigap policy to join a Medicare Advantage Plan for the first time. These rights allow you to switch to a Medigap policy within the first year of joining. This is a free look that prevents buyer’s remorse.

Important Plan D Note:

Reminder your Medigap plan will not cover prescriptions. Prescription Medication is covered by a Medicare Plan D. These plans are restricted to changes that can be made during the annual enrollment period.

Setting appointment for Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan.

The Annual Enrollment Period runs from October 15 through December 7th. Yes, it is good to review your plan every year during this annual enrollment period, so no surprises occur the following year. It is not required as you will receive documentation of changes from the insurance company, it is however highly recommended.

Set appointment for Oct 15 through Dec 7th.

Dropping a Medigap Policy: Do not just stop paying for your old plan. Take the proper steps with your advisor to have a new plan in place before the old one is dropped. This prevents coverage gaps from occurring.

Before making any changes, it’s a good idea to consult with an assistor who is trained and certified to work with Medicare. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) updates the rules every year to protect consumers.  

Our Wenatchee Insurance Agency is led by Suzie McColm who has the added background of being a pharmacy technician for twenty-plus years.

We love our senior insurance customers
Why be boring, life is short.

Protecting More than Your Tenement on Wheels

Are you a proud owner of a motor home? Do you proudly sit behind the wheel of your recreational vehicle as you drive? Does your family adore and love your tenement on wheels? Then, you need to ensure you protect your luxury travel mobile with insurance solutions from agents you can rely on. That is also why so many people from the Wenatchee, WA, area turn to the helpful and friendly team at the Wenatchee Insurance Agency for all their RV Insurance needs.

RV Insurance for Your Tenement on Wheels

You have waited all year for this time of year. The children are excited, and the spouse is looking forward to a couple of weeks of fun in the sun and a beach somewhere warm. We all know a trip to that one theme park might be on the agenda. Yes, everything about planning your summer vacation is a go.

Now, do you want to be the one to tell the family that the trip is canceled? Do you want to be the bearer of bad news with the sad story about how you had a minor accident on the way home from washing and preparing the RV for the trip next month? At first, you can see it—the sigh of relief when you said, “minor.” 

Then you imagine the look on their faces again when you tell them that, although the accident was minor, the damage and cost to repair the family RV is not. The kids may not understand what insurance is all about, but you and your significant other will totally appreciate and regret not having the coverage you need for your motorhome.

If you live in or around the Wenatchee, WA, area, the experienced and professional team at the Wenatchee Insurance Agency can help with all your RV insurance needs. Protect more than your tenement on wheels with the right insurance solutions for you and your family, and contact us today.

simple process for insurance
Wenatchee Insurance simple process

Bundling Options for Motorcycle Riders

Explore the Benefits of Insurance Bundling with Wenatchee Insurance Agency, WA

Cruiser or scooter we can bundle your motorcycle

Are you struggling to keep up with auto, motorcycle, and home insurance payments? Consider the convenience and cost-effectiveness of bundling!

What is Bundling?

Bundling allows you to consolidate your motorcycle policy with your home and auto policies. Instead of juggling multiple policies and payments, you’ll have a single policy with a periodic (monthly, quarterly, or semiannual) premium. All the major companies we represent at Wenatchee Insurance Agency for WA state coverage provide a discounted rate for bundling. Many smaller companies offering policies in the WA state also offer similar options.

How Does Bundling Work?

You can’t operate a car or motorcycle without insurance, so when you sign up for your auto or motorcycle coverage, the insurance company will provide options for insuring additional kinds of property, like an ATV or boat. If you’re a homeowner, you can roll your home, motorcycle, ATV, and boat insurance into a single policy. And if you’re renting, you can bundle your vehicle coverage with a renter’s policy.

The Benefits of Bundling

Bundling isn’t just about convenience, but it also offers substantial savings. Wenatchee Insurance Agency can help you find the most favorable rates for insuring multiple motorcycles. We can potentially lower your deductible when your car and motorcycle are damaged in the same accident and help you switch over your motorcycle coverage from another carrier. We may even find a policy that covers the full replacement cost of your motorcycle, along with an allowance for accessories and customized parts.

Bundling is convenient and can save you money. But to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your motorcycle, car, recreational vehicles, and home insurance, you need the expertise of Wenatchee Insurance Agency. Contact us today for an appointment to discuss the best insurance options to meet your needs.

Insurance Bundle

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Can my tribal affiliation affect Healthcare?

If you are an American Indian or Alaska Native, then healthcare was improved by the Affordable Care Act with it’s permanent reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act.  It took Matt nearly three years to find the first person that qualified for this program.

The Top Four:

 Here are the top four ways the Affordable Care Act (ACA) benefits Native Americans:

  1. No Cost-Sharing: Native Americans with certain income levels are exempt from co-pays and deductibles when they buy insurance through the ACA Marketplace. We like to print this out because it is radically different than most people are used to.
  2. Special Enrollment Privileges: Native Americans can enroll in health insurance through the Marketplace any time of the year, not just during the standard open enrollment period. If you enroll before the 15th then your plan starts on the 1st of the following month.
  3. Access to More Services: The ACA provides additional funding to the Indian Health Service, improving and expanding available healthcare services.
  4. Coverage for Preventive Services: The ACA ensures coverage for various preventive services without additional costs, which is crucial for maintaining good health.

For the Affordable Care Act (ACA), proof of tribal affiliation typically involves demonstrating membership or eligibility for services from a federally recognized tribe. This can be as simple as uploading your Tribal Membership Card or Tribal Enrollment Records.

The no cost sharing plans mean your only responsibility is paying the premium. There are zero co-pays and zero-deductibles on these plans. If you run into network issues then they can be changed the following month with ease.

Suzie and Matt assist people in understanding and enrolling in health plans without charging any fees. For six years, they ran the Enrollment Center in Wenatchee. They continue a similar effort with Wenatchee Insurance supporting more insurance products.


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The springs winds are around the corner is your insurance ready?

Ah, Washington! Land of coffee, rain, and the occasional trampoline taking flight like a misguided UFO during a windstorm. So, let’s talk about wind damage coverage.

trampoline and homeowner insurance lability in Grant County

First off, most homeowner policies here are pretty solid. They’ve got your back when the wind decides to redecorate your yard or play bowling with your roof shingles. But, remember, it’s not just about the ‘whooosh’; it’s also about what the ‘whooosh’ brings along. We’re talking trees that suddenly believe they can walk, and yes, the legendary flying trampolines.

Now, if a trampoline decides to audition for the role of ‘Mary Poppins’ and lands on your roof, your policy usually steps in. It’s like, ‘Don’t worry, we’ve seen this episode before.’ They cover the damage to your house, maybe even the fence it crushed on its way down.

But here’s the kicker – if your own trampoline decides to go on an adventure and damages someone else’s property, you might need to check the liability part of your insurance. Because, let’s face it, nobody wants a neighborly dispute over a rogue trampoline.

And let’s not forget the ‘Wind-Driven Rain Ensemble’. This is when the wind plays maestro and directs rain to places it’s not supposed to be, like inside your house. Coverage here can get a bit tricky, but generally, if the rain’s invited in by wind damage, you’re covered.

Wind trampoline damage insurance wenatchee

One more thing – deductibles. In some cases, you might have a separate ‘wind deductible’. Think of it as the entry fee for the ‘wind damage club’. It’s often a percentage of your home’s value. So, if your home is worth a lot, maybe start a ‘wind deductible’ piggy bank.

In summary, yes, wind damage, including the acrobatic acts of trampolines, is generally covered. But policies vary, and it’s always a good idea to chat with your agent – especially if you own a trampoline. They might just have a frequent flier program!”

Always check the specifics of your policy and talk to your insurance agent for personalized advice, especially if your backyard has a trampoline with a mind of its own!

Trampolines are one of the risks that we like to chat about so that our clients better understand their policy.

simple process for insurance
Wenatchee Insurance simple process


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Who can enroll in health insurance outside of fall’s Open Enrollment?

Sometimes it helps to remember things when put to a simple rhyme. We are going to consult the Bard.

If you missed open enrollment, don’t despair,
Here’s a rhyme for situations quite rare:

When life throws a curve, like a baby’s new cry,
Or marriage bells chime under the sky,
That’s a time when you can apply.

If you move your abode, a new place to dwell,
Or lose your old coverage, as records can tell,
These events open the gate, so all can be well.

A citizenship change, a status update,
Or if Medicaid says, “Sorry, you’re late,”
These too swing wide the special enrollment fate.

But remember, my friend, in this healthcare quest,
Timing is key to getting the best,
Typically 60 days post-event, no jest!

So if life changes course, be it merry or tense,
You’ve got a chance for insurance hence,
In this rhyme, I hope, it all makes sense!

The bottom line:

If you do not have health insurance then we want to see you ASAP to see if you qualify. Special Events can also occur and you could be qualified and not even know it for a plan cheaper than you expected.

This was the first year that we could assist with insuring Washington state residents that did not have citizenship like DACA or dreamers.

We do our best to make insurance understandable and usable. Wenatchee Insurance doesn’t charge fees and answers questions throughout the year. Suzie was a pharmacy technician and is incredibly usefully.

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Boat Modifications & Insurance Coverage

Here at Wenatchee Insurance Agency, serving North Central Washington, protecting your boat with comprehensive insurance coverage is a top priority. Understanding how modifications can affect your boat insurance is essential for safeguarding your investment effectively.

Assessing Boat Modifications

Before undertaking any upgrades or modifications to your boat, it’s crucial to comprehend how these alterations might impact your insurance coverage. Significant modifications such as engine enhancements, additional equipment installations, or structural modifications can influence the risks and value of your vessel.

Informing Your Insurance Provider

Transparency is key. Notify your insurance provider about any changes made to your boat. Failing to disclose modifications can lead to coverage gaps or claim denials. It’s essential to understand that certain modifications may increase your insurance premiums. This could be due to higher replacement costs or increased risks associated with enhanced features. Assess how modifications might affect your premium rates.

Coverage Adequacy for Modifications

Ensure that your insurance policy adequately covers the added value of modifications. Custom equipment or enhancements should be accounted for in your coverage to ensure it is fully protected in the event of damage or loss.

Compliance and Safety Standards

Consider the impact of modifications on your boat’s compliance with safety regulations. Some enhancements might affect the boat’s safety or adherence to maritime regulations. Confirm that your modifications comply with safety standards to maintain full coverage.

Contact Us Today!

To safeguard your boat with tailored coverage, connect with Wenatchee Insurance Agency, serving Wenatchee, WA and surrounding areas. To discuss, your boat insurance needs modifications and enhancements by our experts. We’ll ensure your policy effectively protects the true value of your modified boat. Contact us to secure comprehensive protection for your vessel today.

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What is the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period?

Not the Annual Enrollment Period!

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) takes place every year from October 15th through December 7th. Every year Medicare Eligible people can enroll or change plans that start January 1st.

This runs January 1st through March 31st

If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan and want to change for whatever reason. Maybe you changed during the enrollment period and the new plan isn’t working. Maybe you missed changing your Medicare Advantage Plan during the AEP.

Talk with Suzie Today

Imagine Medicare as a big, bustling supermarket of health care plans. Now, the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period is like this special three-month-long festival in the supermarket, starting January 1st and ending on March 31st, where you can swap your shopping cart (your current Medicare Advantage plan) for a different one.

  1. Switching Carts (Plans): Let’s say you’re wheeling around a cart (your current Medicare Advantage plan) and you spot another cart that looks sleeker, has better wheels (better benefits), or maybe even a built-in cup holder (extra perks). You can ditch your old cart and grab the new one! Just make sure it’s still in the Medicare Advantage aisle.
  2. Back to Basics with a Handbasket (Original Medicare): Maybe you’re tired of pushing around these fancy carts. You miss the good old days of a simple handbasket (Original Medicare). Well, you can swap your cart for a handbasket during this festival. And if you miss having a place to put your soda (prescription drugs), you can always grab one of those trendy little clip-on cup holders (Medicare Prescription Drug Plan).
  3. Adding a Cup Holder (Prescription Drug Plan): If you switch to your handbasket and suddenly realize, “Oh no, where will I put my soda?” (prescription drugs), you can pick up one of those nifty cup holders (join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan) to clip onto your basket.

Remember, this festival is only for folks who already have a shopping cart (are already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan). If you’re still contemplating the merits of a basket or a cart (if you’re on Original Medicare), this isn’t your festival, but don’t worry, your time will come during the Annual Enrollment Period (October 15 to December 7)!

So, during this special festival, feel free to peruse the aisles, compare the carts, and make sure you’re wheeling around the one that fits your shopping list (healthcare needs) the best! Just don’t try to check out with more than one cart, or you might set off the security alarms (confuse the system)! 🛒😄

Medicare has a bunch of Enrollment Periods, from Initial Enrollment Period, General Enrollment Period, Special Enrollment Period, in addition to the Annual Enrollment Period and the Open Enrollment Period. If you have questions then let us know as we are always glad to lend a hand at Wenatchee Insurance.

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Local insurance agents helps out in Central Washington

We have a lot of fun around Wenatchee insurance. Let’s add a humorous twist to the importance of a local independent insurance agent from Chelan County:

  1. Knows Your Neighbors Better Than You Do: Your Wenatchee insurance agent is like the neighborhood gossip guru but for insurance. They know everyone’s business – in a good way! Need to know if Mrs. Johnson’s cat really did cause that tree to fall? They’re on it.
  2. Weather Wizard: They have an uncanny ability to predict local weather risks. It’s like they have a sixth sense for when the next big hailstorm will hit Wenatchee, saving you from the dreaded ‘hail-dented car’ look.
  3. Apple Insurance Expert: In Wenatchee, the apple capital of the world, they’re not just insurance experts; they’re apple insurance connoisseurs. They’ll insure your apples, apple trees, and even your apple pies!

4. Mountain Man/Woman Vibes: Living in the gateway to the Cascades, they know all about insuring your hiking gear, bear-proofing your camping insurance, and making sure your mountain bike is covered, even if you’re just riding it to the local coffee shop.

5. Coffee-Spilling Coverages: They understand the local habit of sipping coffee non-stop. Spilled coffee on your laptop? They’ve got a policy for that.

6. Personalized Service with a Smile (and Maybe a Pie): They’re so friendly that every policy discussion could end with a smile and a shared recipe for the best apple pie in Wenatchee.

7. Bigfoot Coverage?: Only in Wenatchee would your insurance agent seriously discuss coverage options for a Bigfoot sighting on your property. Just in case, right?

In short, a local independent insurance agent from Wenatchee isn’t just an expert in policies; they’re an integral, quirky part of the community fabric, blending local charm with professional expertise – and possibly holding the secret recipe to the perfect apple pie! 🍎🥧

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For nearly a decade we have assisted with Health & Medicare Solutions. We are proud to be selected by the Washington Healthplanfinder to be one of ten Enrollment Centers located in Washington State.

We work with all ages and charge no fees.

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